Wolves In Cheap Clothing EP

by Lucy Furr

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6 songs garunteed to cause a ruckus.

No Trump. No KKK. No Fascist USA.


released January 20, 2017

Nathan Dirck-Guitar/Vocals
Drew Hampton-Drums
Sergio Rodriguez-Guitar
Jordan Jones-Bass

Recorded by Terra Nova at their house.
Music by Lucy Furr
Words by Nathan Dirck



all rights reserved


Lucy Furr Indianapolis, Indiana


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Track Name: Fever Dream
Take your holy fingers and dig a deeper hole
I want to drive until I die, I want to drive until you get old
Divorced for life and I feel fine
Track Name: Poltergiests Anonymous
Sent home from the infirmary cell
Message received, you can breath now
This poltergiest blues has been rubbing a headache
And that's all you need to hear the wrong sounds
Frigid waves won't stay for the ending
I guess it's quite a show, if you don't mind the bleeding
So sit back and stay for the punchline
And have a laugh, child of mine
Fucked up, knowing I'm my own codeine
Fucked up, sucking air
Track Name: Kafka
It's killing time in a parallel scene
They want my blood but they don't want me
I guess that doesn't sound quite so fucked up if you say it to someone else

They say would you like to be cut down?
I say it's all I think about

I want to wear a pair of dark sunglasses
Then maybe I won't feel like such a saddist
When I let them down because they're just like me

They said sell your soul to someone else
Cause you'll never survive in hell

Well, they know what they want
They know why they're here
They know what they need and they know when it's near

Someone said they'll inherit the blues from someone but I don't know if someone has the guts
Track Name: Orange King
Circle jerk promise ring, full of surprise
Get rich fast, this pleasure fucker's alright
But does his backwards smile match his crooked eyes?
We don't want to know
Silicone avalanche, bodies for sale
Emperor Orange kept their heads to himeself
Said it's a snow white scene in every corner of hell
So come on, hell is white as snow
Fascism sells and it sure is a catch
So let's say a prayer for this fucking wretch
Because this ain't no place for the wicked left
He's the orange king and he doesn't need your shit.
Track Name: Edward Bola
I sat there on a sad day but I didn't stay too long
I sat there on a sad day and I've never felt so wrong
Sad kids for the new year, they turned out alright
Sad kids for the new year, did they find a better life?
I sat there on a sad day and I didn't stay too long
I sat there on a sad day but I didn't sing this song
Bad kids in a new home, did they turn out alright?
Bad kids in a new home, I guess they found a better life
So they say things and put them in your head
Track Name: Bird Evolution
There's a man in the mirror and does he look pissed
Slept through a dream that he couldn't miss
Sat right handed with a smirk on his face
As if it's a joy to be stuck in this place
Vulger eyes, vulger feet
This tomb was made for you and me
We are dead or no different

Dance to the rhythm as it's falling apart
For this hangover ends when you depart
Sit passed out with blood in your mouth
As if you know there's no way out
He's still alive but can you tell?
He says he smokes but doesn't inhale
We are dead or no different, but how dare we?

There's a man in the mirror and does he look pissed
Slept through a dream that he couldn't miss
Sat right handed, a gun for his face
As if he knows there's time to waste
Because there's time to waste, yes, there's time to waste when you're born and raised with a baby face